Finally learned how to use this thing.

Hey everyone, Simply Mo here at last.

I’ve finally learned to use this thing and get on here myself to update things. A big thanks goes out to the one person that has been trying to keep this thing going (and may I say, very well). My Dad 😀 Thanks dad, I’ll probably need you to fix something on here soon tho lol

I will be coming on here a lot more in the near future to let you know what’s going. Unfortunately the “Sound Of Musicals” show didn’t really get off the ground for me, as I was just bringing my Michael Jackson tribute out at that time and it would have been too much for one Mo to handle. I have been getting really good feedback from people that have seen my M.J. show. I’ll admit that I still need to iron out a few kinks in it but that will come with time.

Anyways, it’s getting late. I must go now and get some rest. Take care and keep checking for changes to the page.   “Peace!”

Simply Mo x

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One thought on “Finally learned how to use this thing.

  1. Hi Mo,

    Watched you in Dreamers a couple of weeks ago thought you were great. I am a big Westlife fan and you sang Flying without wings for me which made my night. We went in Dreamers everynight as there are not many live shows now in Los Cristianos now that O’Flahertys and Chicagos have closed so watching you made a nice change. Will be coming to Tenerife again soon so will certainly come and see you down the Penny Farthing. All the best Jenny and Terry Baileyx

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