Simply Mo Live… At The Penny Farthing

Hey everyone, it’s me again.

As work on the cabaret scene is a bit rocky at the moment on “The Rock”, I have taken up full time compering at “The Penny Farthing”  just over the road from The Arona Gran hotel in Los Cristianos. I have been welcomed by all the staff ( Ian, Bob, Paula and greer) and we are all working together to make 2010 a brilliant year for us AND for you and your holidays.

I am working there from Monday to Friday – 9:00pm ’til 12:00am, with Monique working my nights off on Saturday and Sunday.

We all hope to see you there on your next break to Tenerife so make sure you pop in to say “hi” and maybe give us a song (or 10 lol)

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